10 Incredible Attic Finds

It seems to be an almost common occurrence to see yet another headline that an unexpected discovery was made in a hidden area of a house, found only because of a remodel or a new owner.

Marcus Blake at Oddee recently posted an article with images and photos of 10 incredible attic finds. Sometimes what is discovered turns out to be a treasure, at other times, it turns out to be outright weird… or disgusting.

Faberge figurine

$5 Million dollar Faberge figurine

From money, to a mummy, or a rare comic, an art masterpiece, forbidden items, historical items, dangerous things and even a creep living in the attic, what is unearthed in the attic can be either junk, the find of a lifetime, or something to report to the authorities!

Have you ever found anything unexpectedly in your attic? Perhaps after reading this article, you may want to take a peek!

…just a thought, but perhaps it’s best to not go into the attic at midnight.



source: Oddee

image source: NY Daily News via Oddee

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