FDA Does Not Protect Us

As soon as I posted about the “cloned meat”, up pops another disturbing article about the practices of the FDA.

The FDA does not protect us as much as they should be doing. They seem to have their own agenda, with few concerns how, in the long run, the health of those in the U.S. is affected.

…that’s just my personal opinion, and this, the cloning, the GMOs, and a dozen other health related issues will keep me tossing and turning tonight, no doubt.

We’re largely helpless!

This one, posted at Common Dreams, has a long title…
FDA May Be Seeking to Use Untested Technology in Livestock Feed –
Agency wants to create products that make farm animals gain weight faster”

FDA  changing Livestock Feed

But the article, in its short one-page read says a lot…

FDA reports it “is “particularly interested” in using nanotechnology to change the chemical, physical, or biological makeup of livestock feed and drugs”.

…”the agency does not have enough data about potential safety issues of nanotechnology in food products for humans or animals”.

“The agency has come under fire several times in recent years… for its irresponsible oversight of additives in food and medicine, particularly on factory farms”. “…FDA was also found to use harmful additives like arsenic in order to make animals gain weight faster”.

FDA also knowingly allowed the widespread use of “high-risk” additives that didn’t meet the agency’s own safety standards”.

“…[lack of] public awareness of the presence of nanomaterials in food and products; and consideration of the ethics of nanotechnology”.

To get the full read, you are invited to click on through to the original article – it is a short read and mentions a couple of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that do fight for us!


source: Common Dreams

Are You Eating Cloned Meat?

Let me rephrase that…

Are you eating meat from CLONED cows or pigs? Did you even know that you might be…?

I certainly didn’t!

Or if it’s not the meat, is it the MILK from a cloned cow?

THIS IS UNSETTLING NEWS! Not even in my wildest midnight thoughts would I have suspected that the FDA approved it years ago…!

ClonedCows - YahooNews - Trans Ova Genetics

In 2008, the agency charged with US food safety, the Food and Drug Administration, approved consumption of meat and milk from CLONED cows, pigs and goats!

The article this came from goes on to say: “But the bottom line is you do not want large numbers of these animals for a number of reasons, number one being that cloned animals are generally unhealthy.

Why is it we don’t have much of a say in what we eat anymore?

Wheat and corn are both GMO (genetically modified organisms) now to such an extent that finding non-gmo sources is sometimes difficult – stores can not keep enough organic / non-gmo food on the shelves!

…you just have to read the full article on Yahoo News where

The idea of tracking such animals elicits a shrug from Blake Russell, who heads Trans Ova’s animal cloning division ViaGen.

“There are cattle in the thousands globally now”, and their offspring and descendants are “going to multiply every year,” Russell said.

“It would be next to impossible to go backwards.”

I want REAL FOOD, don’t you?

Let’s be sure to buy local!

~ Aden


source: Yahoo News re: Trans Ova Genetics, Sioux Center, Iowa


A Pooka for a Best Friend

Angela Booth, on Lifehack, has an article titled 10 Simple Tricks To Make Your Brain Do What You Want that starts:

“Do you feel as if you’re out of control? You need to take charge, and make your brain do what you want. Consider that your brain works like a computer. If your computer’s not doing what you want, you can change the programs.

Change the programs your brain’s running with some simple tricks.”

The last one of the ten I already do, partly out of necessity, partly out of the realization that it helps create “thoughts at midnight”… really! You’ll understand when you see the trick.

Of the ten, I’d be surprised if more than 20% of the visitors to Thoughts at Midnight have even heard of the movie referenced in #6, let alone watched it.

It’s the one chosen to be shared right up front with you:

#6. Think the best of people and make more friends.
The hero of the movie Harvey, Elwood P. Dowd, has for a best friend an invisible six foot rabbit, a pooka…

Harvey The Pooka

Elwood has a philosophy of life that’s very simple:
Years ago my mother used to say to me, she’d say, “In this world, Elwood, you must be” – she always called me Elwood – “In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.” Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me.

Be pleasant. Not only will you make more friends, but you’ll also be happier. The next time someone is nasty, consider their action from their point of view. Maybe they’re just having a bad day.

The next two tricks, #7 and #8, are powerful:

Expand time by increasing the input to your brain:
Become actively involved in learning. Doing new activities, and learning new things tricks your brain into thinking that less time has passed. Time seems to expand. If you’ve always wanted to learn to cook, or to hang glide, or learn a language, get started; you have plenty of time.

Use autosuggestion:
Autosuggestion tricks your brain. French psychologist Émile Coué created the positive-thinking mantra: “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”.

Giving yourself positive suggestions tricks your brain into believing them. We’re all suggestible. If we weren’t, marketing wouldn’t be a billion dollar global industry. Look at autosuggestion as positive advertising you do for yourself. Autosuggestion can make a huge difference in your life.

But to get all 10 tricks in their entirety, by now, if you have visited here more than once, you already know that the trick here… is to click on through
this time to the Lifehack article!


source: Lifehack

image source: blog.libero.it

Rethink Being Alone

You’re heard it before: “Being alone is not the same as being lonely.”

But there really are times when you want to choose to be alone.

Giving yourself time to be alone allows you to discover more things about yourself!

Take Time Alone

A photographic article on Butterbin explains why taking time to be alone will do you good:
– You become more connected to yourself;
– You begin to identify which voices to listen to and which ones to shut out;
– You learn that you need no one’s approval for you to value yourself;
– You begin to love yourself for who you really are;
– You achieve inner peace.

Personally, there are times I relish being alone to enjoy the quiet… to enjoy the surroundings without any interruptions… to sit and observe, undisturbed. Other “alone times” come along too… times to play the music I want to hear and… even times to act like a child!

Times too, to reminisce or when necessary to grieve in private.

These are not “lonely” times, they are appropriate times to be alone, to experience the self, to think, and yes, to examine those midnight thoughts, whatever they may be.

Perhaps it’s is time to rethink being alone!

source: Butterbin

Drifting Away From Thoughts

Modern living has its own boatload of stressors that can affect us. Ways to beat stress also abound provided you know about them.

Imagery is one such stress reliever because the mind responds so well to them. Think of it as your own personal secret weapon of instantly keeping stress at bay – a brief break where you can grab a moment of peace.

Viewing these tranquil water scenes is one way of drifting away from thoughts that bother you so…

Drift Away From Troubling Thoughts


source: Huffington Post

You, the Most Interesting Person

OK, introverted person, here’s a post that will either make you cringe or make you the most interesting person in the room.

Your choice…

77 Amazing Facts that will do it!

Extroverts… maybe this will simply up the game for you!

“Love learning about the weird history, fascinating science, and crazy coincidences that make up the human experience? Then you came to the right place with these seventy-seven downright amazing facts!”

Average Four-Year-Old


source: All That is Interesting


Day Turns Into Night

1,500 photographs, a naked plate, no bathroom breaks, and some raw talent is what it takes to make a single incredible composite photo of the same place, by Day and Night.

Stephen Wilkes, in his “Day to Night” series, captures the visual gradience of time, from sunrise to sunset, in a single image.

Day into Night by Stephen Wilkes

“While one end is shrouded in darkness, lit only by a few sources of artificial light, the other is bright and sunny, filled with a natural warmth.

Each half of the image has its own energy, balancing the other’s light and shadows.

Though there’s a great visual difference between the separate sides of any given composite, Wilkes manages to create a seamless transition.

He takes approximately 1,500 shots over the course of 12-15 hours, without a single bathroom break.

The photographer doesn’t even leave his post to eat. Instead, he waits in his overhead position as meals are brought up to him in a bucket.

He is careful to keep an eye on the activity happening below, making sure to photograph the changing landscape…

While also capturing a controlled shot of the setting when it’s completely empty—what he calls “the naked plate”. It is on this “naked plate” that Wilkes adds details from the other shots he’s taken throughout the day.

In the end, only about 50 of photos are used to create each composite shot.”

Day into Night by Stephen Wilkes

In addition to all of the effort behind the work put in across a single day, a comprehensive process that takes months is behind the final result.

By all means, see how it all plays out


source: Distractify

The Feel of the Day at Sunrise

Are you a morning person? If so, perhaps sunrises are one of the favorite times of the day for you.

I must admit, they are different than a sunset. Even the feel of the day is fresh at sunrise. It would almost be worth it catch each day as it begins, and then catch it again as it ends.

…will have to see if we can work that into our schedule, don’t you think?

No matter where you are in the world, take in the glorious beauty of a sunrise!

This one caught my eye, resulting with me wanting to somehow, visit there tonight so I’ll be able to see this area in person, at sunrise in the coming morning light. …yeah, I know, just wishful thinking (or a midnight thought).

Oxbow Bend Wyoming Sunrise by Jeff Clow

Oxbow Bend Wyoming Sunrise by Jeff Clow

It and 20 other beautiful sunrises in different parts of the world are being shared tonight…!

source: Distractify

Make Me Beautiful

This Woman Had Her Face Photoshopped In Over 25 Countries To Examine Global Beauty Standards.

Esther Honig - Make Me Beautiful

Telling each Photoshop aficionado “Make me beautiful” with the intent of bringing to light how standards of beauty differ across various cultures.

The project, titled Before & After, originally came to Honig while she was working as a social media manager for a small startup. Her boss introduced her to Fiverr, an international freelancing website where anyone can hire freelancers from around the globe to complete almost any task imaginable. While browsing the site, Honig realized the prevalence of those offering Photoshop skills. “It immediately occurred to me that in this pool of workers, each individual likely had an aesthetic preference particular to their own culture,” Honig told BuzzFeed. Thus, the idea for Before & After was born.

You’ll have to click on through to see the photographs that Honig has collected thus far – some with stunning results!


source: Buzzfeed