This Door Was Not for You

Certain lessons in life are more meaningful than others, they stay with you forever. Other lessons are not well learned, so the situation covering the lesson sometimes come back, with us wishing we had learned the lesson the first time!

Then there are the reality lessons. They come at unexpected times, out of the blue, and hit you between the eyes or burrow deep into your soul.

Others are meant simply to be an eye opener or a reminder, gentle or not… such is this one:

“If God shuts a door, quit banging on it! Whatever was behind it, wasn’t meant for you. Consider the fact that maybe he closed that door because He knew you were worth so much more.”
~ Unknown

Quit Banging on the Door

image from none other than… Lessons Learned in Life!

Blessing? Curse?

What is it…? A blessing or a curse…? Or a blessing and a curse?

Is it even clear-cut enough to decide?

It obviously depends. But still, it’s your call!

Blessing? Curse? It's Your Call

Perhaps this little parable will make a better point:

A man and his companion lost their way in a forest. The companion despaired, but the man said maybe some good would come of it. They came upon a stranger who needed the man’s help. The stranger turned out to be a prince who gave the man a beautiful horse.

His neighbors praised his good luck and said, “How blessed you are to have such a magnificent animal.”

The man said, “Who’s to say whether this is a blessing or a curse?”

The next day… (read more)

That one ended well IMHO.

Allow me to part by sharing this:

“Who’s to say? I don’t know whether there’s a curse in every blessing, but I am sure there’s a blessing in every curse.”

source: Michael Josephson’s What Will Matter

image source: #truthbomb by Danielle LaPorte on Pinterest

more from and about Danielle LaPorte,

“Creator of The Desire Map + The Fire Starter Sessions. Lover of white space & sincerity. I give sermons at and in my kitchen.”

When It is Not Worth the Wait

Sometimes it’s worth the wait, or even worth the trip as was posted early in the life of Thoughts at Midnight.

Other times, although you get want you want, no… it’s NOT worth the wait.

People Waiting to be Offended

Sadly, that’s a rather amusing statement, because it is both funny and a statement on the character and actions of all too many.

So although the world is a magical place full of people waiting to be offended by something, along with those all too gladly willing to grant that wish, regardless of what end you are you are on, give it some thought. Do you really want to be in either situation?

image source: ThatsRight

Hand Gestures That Make You Look Like a Real _____

Intellectual. “7 Hand Gestures That Make You Look Like a Real Intellectual” is the actual title over on the much respected Wired site.

Flexing Academic Muscle - 7 Hand Signals

“You’ve definitely seen it at some point. Maybe it was in a lecture in college. Maybe it was in a TED talk you watched recently. Someone is trying to explain some important historical connection, drawing up a grand theory of art or science or human progress, and there it is, as if by reflex: the hand lifts in front of them like an upturned claw, the fingers slowly turning an invisible dial. That’s “The Dialectic,” one of the hand gestures you’ll need to master to become a genuine thought leader.

Alice May Williams and Jasmine Johnson observed “the full complement” of these gestures in the process of earning their MFA at Goldsmiths College in London. In an effort to bring them out of the rarified world of academia and into the lives of ordinary people…”

But from the article, if this isn’t Balderdash, it should be. Perhaps if it were experienced live, in person, it would be agreeable to consider that a person who talks with their hands commands more attention. It’s something I’d expect of a lecturer, not an intellectual!

And despite being “Wired“, all of those hand motions ended up making the site visit rather annoying, don’t you think?

[Wait a month… and perhaps this will be used in a Halloween post!]

source: Wired
image “Balderdash” commentary by Thoughts at Midnight