What is the Sense in Thinking?

This post is being done with a two-fold purpose. The image alone is meaningful enough to what happens during all of those times we’re besieged by midnight thoughts, one after another, in a flood of unending thoughts! So, there you have the first purpose…

No Thought by Itself

The second purpose is that Author Narelle Warcon opens up to answer the question “What is the Key to Understanding Your Thought Process?” in her “Life Is A Process: Are Your thoughts And Actions Aligned” article on her website.

I quote a small part of the article below.

“So let’s talk about our thought processes. What is the Key to Understanding Your Thought Process….

Do you know what the majority of your thoughts are? Are they Positive or Negative? Can you tell if your dominant thoughts are positive or negative by how you Feel.

Your feelings – your emotions – are your inner guidance system. So what thoughts are going through your head every waking moment and what processes are you applying. Are you able to just let your thoughts be? Or are we filling our heads with way too much or things we don’t really need to be wasting time on. How do we decide which thoughts we give our time to?

Thinking allows us to make sense the world in different ways, and to interpret it in ways that are significant to us. Needs, attachments, objectives, plans, commitments, ends and desires.”

So, by all means, continue to read what Narelle has to say about all of those thoughts… your feelings, your emotions… which are our “inner guidance system“.

source: Author Narelle Warcon