A Map of Our Very Existence

A deeper thought than any palm reader could ever provide, this teenager* provides some insight on the prints unique to each of us.

 Sometimes I wonder if the prints on our hands, fingers, toes

Show the path of our life, a map of our very existence.

Each journey unique to its boulders, hurdles, impassible cliffs.

Each triumph with its own special flavor.

Each hope with its own glow of light.

Each love with its own burst of fizz.

Each breath with its own taste of life.

So sometimes when I sit with my back warmed to the sun,
Tracing the lines on my palms, feet, soles.

I treasure each valley, each divet, each falter or break,
And remind myself that the path still goes on.

 ~ ‘Fingerprint‘ By Emma S. on teenlink

Sometimes I Wonder



*teenager implied by the original post on “teenlink”

image source: ‘Hand 1’ by shadowkill on freeimages

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