Akasha – Give Yourself Some Space

It’s just the 2nd of 6 tips for self-healing from MindBodyGreen, but it is a point which by itself, makes plenty of common sense.


“Akasha. Space ya’ll. Give yourself some space. Physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically—give yourself the room, the perimeter to process and heal. Tend to yourself without interruption. Give yourself that. You deserve it. As much as you want to run from what’s surfacing, sit in the room with it. Grieve, mourn, shout, scream, cry, weep, be ecstatic, in joy, in bliss and find neutrality. Watch how giving yourself the space will allow the thing that is “coming up” to shift and evolve on it’s own. Don’t cling on to what’s happening, just watch it all play out.”

The others are all directed towards an emotional healing, yet I can see how a couple of these would be beneficial towards physical healing too:
Be gentle,
Ask for help,
Take care of yourself,

With those 5 being just as important in healing as giving yourself some space, you’ll want to read the entire 6 Tips for Self-Healing — each one is only a paragraph long.

And these tips, well, when you’re in need of self-healing, these may get you where you want to be even faster, to prove today’s quoted pic, “When you can tell the story and it doesn’t bring up any pain, you know it is healed“.

When You Can Tell the Story


source: MindBodyGreen
image source: Random Thoughts at Midnight on Pinterest

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  1. Among the 6 tips, the most important is prayer and loving yourself. Sometimes when we are hurt we tend to forget to pray and question God for what is happening to your life and you’ll end up hurting yourself and worst there are people who will commit suicide. Remember that pain and failures are part of life so we should learn how to handle them. Pray…it helps a lot!

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