Always Bring Your Own Toothpaste

Who hasn’t laid awake thinking about a vacation or traveling. Our last trip was a week in the car through 4 New England states – with no advance reservations. I’d do it again, but 2 or 3 weeks would be preferred, and at least a couple of reservations planned in advance. Especially around the college towns! We happen to hit the area during the annual parents visitation week! So we learned our lesson about lodging.

Lessons on Traveling

Lessons on Traveling

It’s certain that we all learn lessons while traveling, some more lasting than others. Some even worth sharing.

27 people were asked for the most important lesson they learned while traveling. They responded with a variety of answers from the fascinating, to the practical.

You’ll find in the full article such things as:

  •   “…one of the best experiences of your life.”
  •   “Always be mindful of pickpockets…”
  •   “…you never know where you’re going to meet the rest of your life.”
  •   “You can’t bring the life you’re trying to get away from with you.”
  •   “The most important trips of my life were always the one where I didn’t know quite where I was going until I got there: A METAPHOR.”

and my favorite, “Always bring your own toothpaste.

Don’t exactly know why that’s my favorite, after all, we always do bring our own! Maybe it’s just the thought of stating the obvious.

The full article is an easy read, so please click on through for all 27 “lessons”!


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