An Area Often of Quiet Brooks and Breezes

This is where I grew up as a child: in the heart of the Pennsylvania Wilds, spending countless hours outdoors all four seasons of the year. I never knew it as “the wilds” however. It was home, and we lived in the country.

To me, Pennsylvania has no mountains, it has hills…

Some gentle and rolling, some too steep to walk. It has more streams than any other U.S. state. There is also plenty of wilderness to get lost in… plenty of area to walk through…

“As you walk with me
Take only pictures
Leave only footprints”

Bend by Nicholas A Tonelli

Pine Creek at dusk, Lycoming County, as seen from the Pine Creek Rail-Trail

Trails that DO end, so finding your own way and making your own path is a part of life there. Although, I really do prefer not to make an actual path, leaving only footprints that 24 hours later disappear.

My wanderings in my backyard consisted of about 50 acres, but easily expanded to over 600 acres given we “went up on the hill” or “down to the creek”. How we ever survived all of our immature actions without any broken bones is a wonder to this day. How our parents ever trusted in us so much is also a wonder, but it’s something for which I’ll be eternally grateful. It brought us freedom of spirit. In the end, it raised us to be mature and responsible.

The ‘wilds’ itself is “a million acre landscape composed of twelve distinct and beautiful counties, each with its own unique heritage, character, charm and outdoor adventure.”

The Mountain is Calling

The Mountain is Calling and I Must Go

It’s a place for plenty of inspiring photographs and an area often of quiet brooks and breezes. A walk through its woods can be either calming to the soul, or for the adventurous soul, among us, filled with adrenaline pulsing activities that abound.

You can do more than just enjoy the images and quotations from Thoughts At Midnight, you can find a way to enjoy the outdoors in your own neighborhood too, in your own very personal way… an area of quiet brooks, dark forests, or of fields glistening in the warm sun. A place of solitude in a park.

Perhaps you’ll find a mountain, albeit a much lesser one, is calling you too.


image source (CC BY 2.0): “Bend” Nicholas A Tonelli on Flickr
“Pine Creek at dusk, Lycoming County, as seen from the Pine Creek Rail-Trail”

with image quotation added for Thoughts at Midnight

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