An Elderly Person Inside You?


Yeah, balderdash! …to 6 of these being signs that these things have anything to do with “the senior years”.

Still, this Lifestyle article does have some validity to it, don’t you think?

Elderly Person Inside

From the article, there are 13 signs you’re an elderly person inside…
each with a very brief explanation on Answers:
1 You Hate Loud Music
2 You Have an Early Bedtime
3 You Have a Bedtime Ritual
4 You Watch Stories on Television

Andy Griffith
5 You Use the Term “Back in the Day”
6 You Relate to Grumpy People
7 Everyone Annoys You
8 You Love Antiquing

You Love Antiquing
9 You Hate Travel
10 Your Diet Choices Are Healthy
11 You Compare Aches and Pains
12 You Need Hot Tea or Coffee
13 You Expect Courtesy

Old Folks Crossing

What’s your take on it? Do you exhibit just a single sign despite your age approaching the century mark? Or do you agree with a handful and you’re still a spring chicken?

(I’m just waiting for someone to add #14 — you say “balderdash”!)


source: Answers

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  1. For me #14 is
    You can’t go a day without reading the Maxine comic strip! She’s crabby, but she is 100% WYSIWYG

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