Beauty of the Night Sky

No midnight thought here, but some share-worthy nighttime photographs instead!

Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years. Not only do I enjoy taking photographs, I enjoy finding and viewing (and sharing) those I search out or simply stumble upon. There are so many incredible photographers! Especially now that digital photography has become so popular!

Striking photographs can be taken, even at night, as these winners and honorable mentions of the The World at Night contest reveal in “Beauties of Earth and Sky“.

A feast for the eyes, this photograph took second place in the “Beauty of the Night Sky” category during the 2014 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest, presented by The World at Night.

Here, the zodiacal light shines in the evening sky, from Oregon’s Hug Point over the Pacific Ocean. (Google “Hug Point” and you’ll find numerous striking photographs of that section of the Oregon coast…)

False Dusk and Falls at Oregon Coast” by Ben Coffman

False Dusk and Falls at Oregon Coast

2014 Second Place “Beauty of the Night Sky” winner by Ben Coffman –

Be sure to see the top choices from the 5th annual contest!
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