Blessing? Curse?

What is it…? A blessing or a curse…? Or a blessing and a curse?

Is it even clear-cut enough to decide?

It obviously depends. But still, it’s your call!

Blessing? Curse? It's Your Call

Perhaps this little parable will make a better point:

A man and his companion lost their way in a forest. The companion despaired, but the man said maybe some good would come of it. They came upon a stranger who needed the man’s help. The stranger turned out to be a prince who gave the man a beautiful horse.

His neighbors praised his good luck and said, “How blessed you are to have such a magnificent animal.”

The man said, “Who’s to say whether this is a blessing or a curse?”

The next day… (read more)

That one ended well IMHO.

Allow me to part by sharing this:

“Who’s to say? I don’t know whether there’s a curse in every blessing, but I am sure there’s a blessing in every curse.”

source: Michael Josephson’s What Will Matter

image source: #truthbomb by Danielle LaPorte on Pinterest

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