3 Seconds Is All You Have

Sweet Memories

Time offers us the past, the future, and the present.

Naturally, not in that chronological order.

But are you aware of what’s called the “psychological present”?

It’s a window of about 3 seconds that defines the present – everything else is either past or future.

So, in a way “yesterday” was 3 seconds ago…
and “tomorrow” is only 3 seconds away…
or at least that is my spin on it. You can credit me with that statement.

Life happens in 3-second chunks of time. Even hugs.

Somehow it has been determined that “intervals of about 3 seconds are basic temporal units of life that define our perception of the present moment. That rhythm has fundamentally shaped humans’ biological and social evolution.”

“Balderdash” you say…?

Then you might want to check out this Creative Braintrust article regarding memory hacking over on Fast Company:

“How day-to-day experiences are compiled into memories is dependant in large part on when the story you tell yourself starts and stops. Life is experienced contiguously as an ongoing stream, a timeline, if you like. The psychological present is estimated to be about 3 seconds and each 3 seconds are either the beginning of a story, an ‘event’, or the end of one. If nothing important to the story happens in those 3 seconds (one, two, three)…they vanish. As Nobel prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman has pointed out, our minds convey to us an illusion of verisimilitude. We believe that our memories are accurate records of our lives, but this simply isn’t the case. They are packaged up as stories: details that don’t fit the narrative are blurred out, key moments are highlighted and amplified. The almost fractal self-similarity of a working day, week, month, year, blurs things together over time.”

The read isn’t centered around the psychological present as much as it is about memories, especially those created by travel and vacations, but the 3 second explanation is clear and concise there.

So really…

3 seconds is all you have right now. After that it is history. Before that it was nothing but something in the future.

Such things are midnight thoughts made of.

source: Fast Company
image source (CC BY 2.0): ‘Sweet Memories‘ by Alison Christine on Flickr

Hand Gestures That Make You Look Like a Real _____

Intellectual. “7 Hand Gestures That Make You Look Like a Real Intellectual” is the actual title over on the much respected Wired site.

Flexing Academic Muscle - 7 Hand Signals

“You’ve definitely seen it at some point. Maybe it was in a lecture in college. Maybe it was in a TED talk you watched recently. Someone is trying to explain some important historical connection, drawing up a grand theory of art or science or human progress, and there it is, as if by reflex: the hand lifts in front of them like an upturned claw, the fingers slowly turning an invisible dial. That’s “The Dialectic,” one of the hand gestures you’ll need to master to become a genuine thought leader.

Alice May Williams and Jasmine Johnson observed “the full complement” of these gestures in the process of earning their MFA at Goldsmiths College in London. In an effort to bring them out of the rarified world of academia and into the lives of ordinary people…”

But from the article, if this isn’t Balderdash, it should be. Perhaps if it were experienced live, in person, it would be agreeable to consider that a person who talks with their hands commands more attention. It’s something I’d expect of a lecturer, not an intellectual!

And despite being “Wired“, all of those hand motions ended up making the site visit rather annoying, don’t you think?

[Wait a month… and perhaps this will be used in a Halloween post!]

source: Wired
image “Balderdash” commentary by Thoughts at Midnight

An Elderly Person Inside You?


Yeah, balderdash! …to 6 of these being signs that these things have anything to do with “the senior years”.

Still, this Lifestyle article does have some validity to it, don’t you think?

Elderly Person Inside

From the article, there are 13 signs you’re an elderly person inside…
each with a very brief explanation on Answers:
1 You Hate Loud Music
2 You Have an Early Bedtime
3 You Have a Bedtime Ritual
4 You Watch Stories on Television

Andy Griffith
5 You Use the Term “Back in the Day”
6 You Relate to Grumpy People
7 Everyone Annoys You
8 You Love Antiquing

You Love Antiquing
9 You Hate Travel
10 Your Diet Choices Are Healthy
11 You Compare Aches and Pains
12 You Need Hot Tea or Coffee
13 You Expect Courtesy

Old Folks Crossing

What’s your take on it? Do you exhibit just a single sign despite your age approaching the century mark? Or do you agree with a handful and you’re still a spring chicken?

(I’m just waiting for someone to add #14 — you say “balderdash”!)


source: Answers