Crazy Inner Voice in a Crazy Life

Do you find that life is a crazy, unexplainable journey of discovery? A place where you can chase your dreams?

You have talent. You are blessed with a unique gift that small inner voice of yours wants you to recognize.

“so, what’s your excuse? you got a dream? a wish? a journey? an adventure? a calling? then get moving, my friend. believe in yourself and believe that you deserve all good things to come your way. you are created in the image of the divine, of something bigger than you. and you are connected to everyone, everything in this beautiful world. and together, using all of our unique gifts and talents, we can create an amazing world. a world the way it is intended to be. but, only when we are true to ourselves, to who we are called to be. and we are called to be free.”

What's Stopping You?

Is it those thoughts that come to you in the middle of the night, keeping you tossing and turning…? Are they worth following? Are they eating away at you because you hesitate to take that first step towards something new, something better?

So tell us, now. What’s Stopping You?


source: Be Love Live

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