Day Turns Into Night

1,500 photographs, a naked plate, no bathroom breaks, and some raw talent is what it takes to make a single incredible composite photo of the same place, by Day and Night.

Stephen Wilkes, in his “Day to Night” series, captures the visual gradience of time, from sunrise to sunset, in a single image.

Day into Night by Stephen Wilkes

“While one end is shrouded in darkness, lit only by a few sources of artificial light, the other is bright and sunny, filled with a natural warmth.

Each half of the image has its own energy, balancing the other’s light and shadows.

Though there’s a great visual difference between the separate sides of any given composite, Wilkes manages to create a seamless transition.

He takes approximately 1,500 shots over the course of 12-15 hours, without a single bathroom break.

The photographer doesn’t even leave his post to eat. Instead, he waits in his overhead position as meals are brought up to him in a bucket.

He is careful to keep an eye on the activity happening below, making sure to photograph the changing landscape…

While also capturing a controlled shot of the setting when it’s completely empty—what he calls “the naked plate”. It is on this “naked plate” that Wilkes adds details from the other shots he’s taken throughout the day.

In the end, only about 50 of photos are used to create each composite shot.”

Day into Night by Stephen Wilkes

In addition to all of the effort behind the work put in across a single day, a comprehensive process that takes months is behind the final result.

By all means, see how it all plays out


source: Distractify

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