Do babies dream?

Do babies dream? Give that some thought for a moment.

What do you dream about…? Things that have happened in your life? Things you fear? Things you’d love to do? People from your past?

So how could a baby dream? What is it they have to dream about…?

Dream a Little Dream

But “officially”…

The answer, quite simply is, yes – as far as we can tell.

Dr Charles P Pollak, director of the Center for Sleep Medicine in New York, points out that newborn infants all display REM sleep, because you can literally see the rapid eye movements under their eyelids.

He explains that this REM behavior is “an evolutionarily old type of sleep that occurs at all life stages, including infancy, and even before infancy, in fetal life.”

It is a well-based inference that babies are dreaming during this REM sleep.

So What Do Babies Dream About?

As for the content of babies’ dreams, Dr Pollak said: (read more)

source: Rebecca Turner at World of Lucid Dreaming
image source by (CC BY-SA 2.0): “dream a little dream” by Aurimas Mikalauskas on Flickr


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