Do You Know English Good?

It’s time to ask yourself a difficult question: How is your command of English grammar? Do you know English good, or do you know English well?

Not to stir up nightmares of your high school English classes,  but if that was twenty years ago, we’re thinking maybe you should take advantage of this Huffington Post quiz to figure out just how well you know our complicated language.

Check the answers when you’re done with the quiz, unless of course, you scored a perfect 100%.

I got 16 out of 18 correct (had to stress that in case you thought I got 16 out of 18 incorrect!) — a grammar pro rating.

Grammar Quiz


That must certainly be a testimony for sleep learning because, in school, I was good at math and science, not at English! And little doubt in my mind that I just wrote that last sentence incorrectly, using “that must certainly be” instead of “that certainly must be”…

Does it really matter, or did I make my point despite my complete lack of mastery of the English language?



source: Huffington Post

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