Facebook Surveillance

File this under Facebook Surveillance.

Blame the ‘Like‘ button. That very same little button I’m hoping (and really expecting) you will click on.

For years, people have suspected something about Facebook’s ‘Like‘ button… Its presence is widespread.

 FB Likes

Perhaps ‘suspected’ is the wrong word to use… Yes, FB has been tracking the sites you visit, and each time it was questioned about it, Facebook downplayed the purposes.

Suspect no more. It’s been verified with Facebook’s recent announcement that it will start using its ‘Like’ button (and similar tools) to track people across the Internet “for advertising purposes“.

That may not surprise most of us, especially knowing the long history of the issue and Facebook’s weak denials. For others, this may be a true eye-opener!

And with a timeline regarding all of this listed in the full read of “It’s Complicated: Facebook’s History of Tracking You“, you’ll find the ProPublica article very informative.

As for giving “Thoughts at Midnight” a big ‘Like’ on Facebook…? Well, we still have our fingers crossed!

source: June 17, 2014 ProPublica, by author Julia Angwin

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