FDA Does Not Protect Us

As soon as I posted about the “cloned meat”, up pops another disturbing article about the practices of the FDA.

The FDA does not protect us as much as they should be doing. They seem to have their own agenda, with few concerns how, in the long run, the health of those in the U.S. is affected.

…that’s just my personal opinion, and this, the cloning, the GMOs, and a dozen other health related issues will keep me tossing and turning tonight, no doubt.

We’re largely helpless!

This one, posted at Common Dreams, has a long title…
FDA May Be Seeking to Use Untested Technology in Livestock Feed –
Agency wants to create products that make farm animals gain weight faster”

FDA  changing Livestock Feed

But the article, in its short one-page read says a lot…

FDA reports it “is “particularly interested” in using nanotechnology to change the chemical, physical, or biological makeup of livestock feed and drugs”.

…”the agency does not have enough data about potential safety issues of nanotechnology in food products for humans or animals”.

“The agency has come under fire several times in recent years… for its irresponsible oversight of additives in food and medicine, particularly on factory farms”. “…FDA was also found to use harmful additives like arsenic in order to make animals gain weight faster”.

FDA also knowingly allowed the widespread use of “high-risk” additives that didn’t meet the agency’s own safety standards”.

“…[lack of] public awareness of the presence of nanomaterials in food and products; and consideration of the ethics of nanotechnology”.

To get the full read, you are invited to click on through to the original article – it is a short read and mentions a couple of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that do fight for us!


source: Common Dreams

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