Freedom Is

Today is July 4th, 2014

Here in the United States of America we celebrate July 4th as Independence Day – the birthday of our nation.

Behind it is the Declaration of Independence from 1776 declaring that the founding, original 13 colonies no longer belong to, or would be ruled by Great Britain.

That was just the start…

freedom is nothing but a chance to be better
~ Albert Camus

Freedom - A Chance To Be Better

Across all those years, little has changed in the ways Americans celebrate their country’s freedom. Even early festivities featured 13-gun salutes, speeches, music, parades, fireworks, and red-white-and-blue bunting!

May this nation continue to embrace the spirit of freedom!

May the people of this country forever stay free people!

Freedom is in our blood…

Happy Independence Day!

It's Independence Day!


beach image source: meowfoto
Statue of Liberty image source: Le Top

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