Get A Hobby!

You hear of stories about retirement where the wife can’t take it anymore and yells out to the husband…

Get A Hobby!

It hasn’t happened to me yet, although the thought might be in my wife’s head somewhere. When it finally happens, I still won’t be prepared. I’m to busy for a hobby, too busy to even think about one, so I try to stay out from under foot!

When I retired, I had more work on my plate than I did when I worked a full time job! Still do…! Part of it IS that dang “honey-do list“.

Making that list IS my wife’s hobby, I swear. How can one human being think of so many things for a loved one to do?

Maybe I’ll write a book. Oh wait… I am writing a book. Not as a hobby – it’s not enjoyable enough.

Maybe I’ll check out what some other people do for hobbies… yeah, that’s it! I bet I could find 48 successful people with unique hobbies and do what they do. Well, not all 48, maybe just one, if I’m lucky, and they share a common interest.

Ah… found it… a video… are you surprised?

48 Successful People With Unique Hobbies

Mental Floss introduces the video saying that since hobbies define your innate character in more ways than you can imagine, a look into the unique hobbies of famous people can lend us a sneak peek into their minds.

I won’t reveal what’s in the video, other than to say a couple surprised me!

After watching the video, I’ve decided I’m going to hold off on deciding about a hobby. I’ll wait to see what my wife adds to the list. Maybe it’ll be “catch some fish“…

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