Left Mentally Sputtering?

Thoughts can drive us nuts. We can’t seem to get them out of our head! Then, it gets worse… in steps “someone”.

During those day-to-day interactions we have with others, we may have been left “mentally sputtering…”

So how can we stop the mental involvement in other people’s craziness? How can we stop thinking about a person? Or situation?  It nags us endlessly to think what we should have, or could have, done differently as the same thoughts keep playing on automatic rewind.

Psychology Today has an article titled 15 Ways to Get Someone out of Your Head – Expert tips to manage your frustration and get past toxic thinking that addresses this problem for us.

If this is of interest to you, then by all means, please read it.

15 ways to get someone out of your head

image source: Psychology Today at http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-last-best-cure

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