Green Lizards and Your Hair

What were they thinking? Or, on second thought, what did they know then that we don’t know now?

Sure, it was only the 12th century, and that first bit of advice on how to wash hair to leave it golden and shimmering may have some merit to it – what they used then at least does not contain all of the chemicals of questionable benefit found in today’s store shelf products.

But for the woman of long, black hair, using a headless and tailless green lizard cooked in common oil, to thereafter anoint their head with the oil… must have taken a woman of the sort rarely found in today’s world!

Tacuinum Cook

I wonder how many men she would have courting her, commenting on how nice her hair was!

Can you imagine…
Oh, pray tell me, my love, what did ye do to get thy hair shining so?
And the way the wind blows across your hair brings such a pleasing scent!

Why thank you kind sir, I had my maiden prepare the finest oil from a green lizard we found under mine bed, removing its head and tail such we cooked it for the anointing unto mine hair for thine pleasure!

She probably even blushed… he probably controlled his emotions, which ones, I am uncertain.

source: Ask the Past

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