Grownups Use Crayons Too

Hoang Tran is an artist who carves images into crayons. (No doubt in my mind that the idea came to the artist in the form of a midnight thought…!)

They are tiny Pop Culture Images made from crayons – in a seriously impressive series.

Star Wars Cast In Crayola

See if Hoang Tran has done any of the characters you remember from your childhood.

  • Characters from Adventure Time.
  • The symbols for each house in the Game of Thrones.
  • Miniature TARDISes from Dr. Who.
  • You can even get custom sculptures, such as a custom dog carving.
  • Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • The cast of Star Wars. May the crayon be with you.
  • Studio Ghibli characters.
  • Beauty and the Beast. Plus the rose!
  • Batman’s villains. They don’t seem as threatening in crayon form.
  • Daria. Cue 90’s nostalgia.

Batman's Villians In Crayola

So grownups use crayons too, in a much more creative fashion.

Crayons… in style at any age…



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