I Want to Die

Whitney Anthony’s sentiment two years ago after losing her best friend in a tragic accident was much different than that of today. It was one of… I want to die. It was logical to her that she die too – her future looked black with the love of her life.

I Want To Die

She recently posted about it on Collective-Evolution where she starts:

“Two years ago on this day, and for months after, I wanted to die. I had just lost the man I’d been in love with for four years in a tragic accident. He was also my best friend. When I say I wanted to die, it’s strange because it makes it sound as if I was suicidal. But I was never suicidal. It’s hard to describe the feeling and might be one of those things you can’t understand unless you’ve been there, but at the time, my future looked so black, I couldn’t imagine life without him. Besides, I wanted so desperately to see him and was convinced he was on the other side. I only hoped to die, so that we could be together again. It was the last sort of logic that I had left at the time.

Now here I am, two years later, and my perspective is quite the contrary. It’s hard to believe that today marks two years. Two years of pain, longing, and questions but also of healing, growth and indescribable grace. I question whether we can fully comprehend the sweetness of life without first experiencing its bitterness.

Today, as I miss my best friend like always, I realize not only was it an incredibly sweet gift to do life with him, but the lessons I’ve learned since that loss remain invaluable. Here I share with you 5 things I learned from losing my best friend.”

Did you catch that last sentence…? “…5 things I learned from losing my best friend.”

She went from a ‘I want to Die’ attitude to finding there were lessons learned because of another’s endearing presence.

See if you can relate


image source: collective-evolution.com

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