IAWTCSM – The Washington Post on FBI Internet Slang

An 83-page glossary. Containing nearly 3,000 terms. Maintained by the FBI.

The Washington Post tells about a glossary of Internet slang and refers to it as “hilariously, frighteningly out of touch”.

It took a release through a Freedom of Information request for it to be made public and thereafter posted online.

Twitter shorthand” by title, it expands into instant messaging, Facebook, and… Myspace… (Myspace… really?)
for the useful purposes, professionally and personally “for keeping up with your children and/or grandchildren.”

Internet Slang by Brandon Martin

Washington Post… I gotta give you credit.


…for that acronym and what 20 other choice picks translate to, and to catch a very short video by Post TV, the full article has them!

FBI Internet Slang

But, please, feel free to comment on what you think any of the following mean — before you check out the article!


 My own thoughts, at midnight, don’t get this bad…!

source: the Washington Post Intersect
image source: Brandon Martin hubpages

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