Imagine Your Future

Dream up your future self one week from now…

even imagine yourself one year from now…
or at the end of your life.

Imagine the Future - video

As you go about it, have your future self look back and take in everything that’s been accomplished. Think of what’s been healed.

It will get you in touch with who you really are.

Dr. Christiane Northrup recommends repeating this “Imagine Your Future” experience at least four times per year.

Her article, “Clues from your past can heal you” may be geared towards healing, but the tips provide can be applied to many of life’s situations.

“Healing always involves releasing the past as we move into the future. If we don’t release the past, we keep re-creating it—and it becomes the future. As we release, it’s also crucial to have a powerful vision of a hopeful and exciting future that draws us forward. For years, I had my patients begin their health journeys by exploring their pasts to find clues to how they were creating their present conditions.

Our cells keep replacing themselves daily, and we create whole new bodies every seven years. So it is not really accurate to say that our pasts are locked in our bodies, though sometimes it seems that way. What is really going on is that the consciousness that is creating our cells is often locked in the past—and that consciousness keeps re-creating the same old patterns via old subconscious nervous system programming. If, however, we can change the consciousness that creates our cells, then our cells and lives improve automatically, because health and joy are our natural state. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to imagine your future self in as much detail as you possibly can. Doing this will assist you through any healing process you’re currently involved in. So before you dive into any resolutions, invite your future vision to accompany you on your journey. If you were in optimal health and truly flourishing, what would your life look like?

This question may be answered in the form of an exercise, with a friend who fully supports you; in writing, without worrying about revising or spelling; or out loud to yourself as you look in a mirror.

Answer the following questions…”
(article continues...)

Note: The exercise provided is extraordinarily simple, but very powerful, so we encourage you to take a few minutes and click on through to experience it.

It works, in part, because focused thought is what creates the reality around us.

Did you know that it has been said that if you can hold a thought or feeling for at least 17 seconds without introducing a contradicting thought or emotion, then you’ll see evidence of this thought manifest around you in the physical world?
source: Inspirational articles from Heal Your Life

video source: Imagine the Future

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