Invented Worlds

This image is being shown to you because it pretty much represents a midnight thought or even a dream thought.

It’s a place that exists only in your mind, thanks now, in large part, to the creative mind of Oriol Jolonch.

Invented Worlds

Oriol is an artist with a natural gift to create invented realities. This scene is just one that resulted from his imagination.

As a photographer and digital media artist, he creates an alternative view for the reality we live, often drawing the person viewing these invented worlds, as magical and surreal as they are, right into the scene.

If you find a story there to discover… and feel… Oriol would be pleased that his job was well done. I too would be pleased to know this was a good share…

and the e-morfes site where this was found has 8 more for you!

source: e-morfes

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