Is Life Simpler Than We Think?

One thing about doing Thoughts at Midnight is that it has made me realize that it is misnamed. What I have been sharing lately can’t even be called mind musings let alone thoughts at midnight.

And really, in light of this post, it doesn’t much matter. It is what it is for the moment someone sees it. Nothing more, nothing less. WYSIWYG, just like that one thought bubble I use.

Also, this post reminds me somewhat of the earlier “3 Seconds Is All You Have” post. Both focus on the “present moment”.

Here, author David Cain from Raptitude (an aptly named site) has a one-page read titled “Life is WAY simpler than you think”.

It starts:

“It probably doesn’t occur to most people that their lives have only ever happened one moment at time. Being in more than one place at once is obviously impossible, yet most of us have difficulty fully allowing ourselves to be only in the one place where we really are: here.

We often talk about having a dozen things to do at once, when in fact we seldom do more than one thing at once, or need to. Your to-do list only gets done one moment at a time, whether your moment-to-moment experience is a frantic and complex one, or a calm and simple one.

We would do very well to simply look at the present moment, ask ourselves what it requires, then calmly do that. It’s hard to imagine an instance in life where this wouldn’t be the best thing to do. Yet life usually seems so much more complicated than that.”

It goes on to explain that any moment experienced can be broken down into three simple qualities…
and stresses that “we can recognize the apparent ‘craziness’ of our lives…” It apparently helps to simply notice that you’re in a single moment, and reflect briefly in terms of those three real-life components!

Performing what David suggests multiple times a day, as a habit, will end up proving that life is way simpler than you think!

One more thing regarding “simple”… for those who read this far down…

The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.
~ Paulo Coelho

The Simple Things



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adapted for use by Thoughts at Midnight

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