Karma with Noise and Action

Karma, the word, has a lot of noise attached to it. All it really means is “action” according to a past article on it. But with all of the actions involved, comes the complex unfathomable interactions. But looking at the basics of karma helps get rid of all that noise.

“What we commonly describe as “karma” in the west is more the consequences of our actions, not the actions themselves. If you explore the subject, you quickly discover that we really have no control over what happens “out there”. Even our best intentions can sometimes run amok. What we can control however is how we RESPOND to what happens.

The mind is a habit machine. It learns the “right” way to do things. Then when a similar thing comes along, it will then tend to re-run ‘tapes’ or habits. This allows us to drive a car, walk, speak, and many other talents. However, if we are not careful, we can run our whole life like that, on automatic pilot. Like ‘zombies’.

We then discover our whole life is this pattern of relationships, of job experiences, of certain types of bosses, and so forth. We are running tapes unconsciously and they are playing out over and over. This is known as the “wheel of karma”. It doesn’t take past lives to explain that.”

The article further explains that our whole life is a pattern of relations, that our karma is found in our blind spots, in our feelings, in our life.

…all in a single page read! So, go ahead, get a better take on “what goes around, comes around”.

Just something else to ponder as a midnight thought!

Lesson of Time - Karma


source: Observations on the Road Home

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