Knocker-up Help Wanted

Knocker-up Help Wanted. Only early risers need apply.

If you don’t know what the duties of a knocker-up are, just check the image and it’s caption… it’ll become clear to you faster than you can stand up and hop on one foot.

I bet employers favored the use of a knocker-up because it eliminated the excuse of over-sleeping!

And, based on that caption, wouldn’t you bet that some knocker-up got a midnight thought that there must be a better way… and invented said alarm clock?

But hold on just a moment… someone got it wrong here… perhaps instead of saying “invented”, it should say “popular”…


Alarm clocks, in various forms have been around for a couple hundred years. And even a “small” bedside alarm clock was patented in 1876 by the Seth Thomas Clock Company. In was then that they became popular, with major US clock companies starting to make them. (source:




image source:

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