Life Now Never the Same

Eight years ago I lost my best friend. But not the memories.

My Life now…


My Life Now - Different

I’m changed. A part of me was ripped away, never to be recovered.

If it has happened to you, you’ll understand.

Life now will never be the same…

Like so many of us, we know that Death has not been a stranger in our lives. For me… Grandparents and parents are gone now. The In-laws, Aunts, Uncles, cousins too.

We lost a fellow high school classmate after graduation. The Viet Nam war took the life of the person who made me laugh just by looking at him. My closest friend and roommate while in the military lost his battle to cancer. We just read the obituary of my Best Man’s wife…

So many others too. Close friends. Classmates and teachers alike. But my best friend’s death was the most difficult. There are two more I hope to not outlive – for selfish reasons, my wife and my son.

You understand that, don’t you?

Yet, I can’t imagine departing this earth before them either, because I am the strongest of the three.

So although different now, like you and thousands of others, I choose to carry on. To be the pillar…

Not resting on my laurels, but looking back at the successes and having time for memories – both are positive things. Knowing more of each is to come helps a bit as well.

My shoulders are wide, my spirit strong. I have Thoughts at Midnight as a place to share things I believe important.

So do you!


image source: Vicki Russell at liveluvcreate

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