Make Me Beautiful

This Woman Had Her Face Photoshopped In Over 25 Countries To Examine Global Beauty Standards.

Esther Honig - Make Me Beautiful

Telling each Photoshop aficionado “Make me beautiful” with the intent of bringing to light how standards of beauty differ across various cultures.

The project, titled Before & After, originally came to Honig while she was working as a social media manager for a small startup. Her boss introduced her to Fiverr, an international freelancing website where anyone can hire freelancers from around the globe to complete almost any task imaginable. While browsing the site, Honig realized the prevalence of those offering Photoshop skills. “It immediately occurred to me that in this pool of workers, each individual likely had an aesthetic preference particular to their own culture,” Honig told BuzzFeed. Thus, the idea for Before & After was born.

You’ll have to click on through to see the photographs that Honig has collected thus far – some with stunning results!


source: Buzzfeed

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