Mind Types by Color

Had a friend tell me just the other day that I’m such a deep thinker…

Today this quiz shows up in my Facebook feed that a friend’s Mind Color is Red.

It was her results from a little, for fun, quiz “What Color Is Your Mind?“.

That was enough to get my interest, thinking (well before midnight) that it might be something good to share with the visitors to Thoughts At Midnight.

My mind as it turns out is…

Yellow – “Of all the mind types, yours is the most intellectual.” with a further explanation attached.

It’s explained on my FB fan page.

The link to the quiz is also in the same post there, dated June 19, 2014.

What Color Is Your Mind?

Let me know your mind color.

Is it Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Purple or Green? From looking at the comments there, green is rare and all I could tell about that color was it indicated “Balanced and able to see things from all sides“. Perhaps it’s a statement about our society…?

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