Mistaken For a Person 30% of the Time

I think, therefore I am.

Descartes is probably rolling over in his grave. 

A supercomputer was remarkably able to adopt the persona of a 13-year-old boy well enough to convince judges that it is human – 30% of the time. According to the “Turing Test”, Eugene Goostman (the computer’s name), when quizzed right along with real, breathing, people, was mistaken for a person 30% of the time.

The article, on Yahoo, is titled: “Supercomputer emulates teenager to pass ‘Turing Test'”.

And it doesn’t end there. The creator of “Eugene”, Vladimir Veselov was quoted as saying “Going forward we plan to make Eugene smarter and continue working on improving what we refer to as ‘conversation logic’.”

I think, therefore I am

I think, therefore I am

image source: http://wordfromthewell.com/2012/12/01/you-think-therefore-you-are-arent-you/

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