No Bananas, No Women, No Whistling

Plunge Into 13 Sailor Superstitions.

There’s always been superstitions pertaining to inexplicable events at sea. Perhaps it’s the uncontrollable nature of the sea inspiring nautical lore, some curious, some outright superstitious.

The pirate's look is the look for me

The referencing site, Boaters Exam, will Plunge Into 13 Sailor Superstitions, for this Friday the 13th:

1. No Bananas On Board
2. No Women on Board
3. Son of A Gun
4. No Whistling on Board
5. Red Sky At Night…
6. Deathly Lexis
7. Beware of the Lurking Shark
8. Welcome the Lurking Dolphins
9. Don’t Sail On These Days…
10. The Pirate’s Look, is a Look For Me
11. Don’t Change the Name of the Boat
12. Pay Your Dues
13. Avoid Gingers
14: Don’t Kill an Albatross

…apparently someone is superstitious with the number “13” too!


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