No Wordsmith Am I

I hope it is clear that I make no attempt at being a writer, or even a wordsmith.

No Wordsmith Am I

No Wordsmith Am I

Thoughts at Midnight is simply my attempt to be expressive, regardless of how well I may express it.

If I fail, I fail. If I entertain you, bring you some inspiration, or am the cause in opening your eyes or mind for a brief while, all the better.

The idea behind Thoughts at Midnight is not to limit the subject of my posts. Where my mind travels, so does my sharing of them.

But for now, here’s one that is probably more in alignment with what is expected by those who like this site.

Let’s call it No Wordsmith Am I. Appropriately so, for it is not in my nature to write in the manner of Jane Austen, James Joyce, Charles Dickens, or any other great (or even mediocre) writer.

I would much rather comment a bit and share…

But let’s focus on the meat of this post:
Ten Best Sentences (The American Scholar) and
Why these are the ‘Ten Best Sentences’ (Poynter).

Allow me to share one of the 10 best, by Jane Austin, encouraging you to check the others as you can:

For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?
~ Jane Austen, “Pride and Prejudice”

To which Roy Peter Clark comments regarding the “why”…
“Who could not admire a sentence with such a clear demarcation beginning, middle, and end? Thank you, commas. Only a single word – “neighbor” – has more than one syllable. Austen gives us 19 words that add up to 66 letters, an astonishing efficiency of fewer than four letters per word. But this math is invisible to the meaning. She begins by asking what at first seems like a metaphysical question: “for what do we live.” The social commentary that follows brings us crashing down to earth in a phrase, and carries us home with a delicious sense of revenge, a kind of sophisticated punch line.”

10 classic passages, written by “master” wordsmiths!
based on an article at The American Scholar

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