Only True Friends Leave Footprints in Your Heart


Kenzoku” implies the presence of the deepest connection of friendship, of lives lived as comrades from the distant past.

It’s from the Japenese and is translated literally, “family.” The connotation means so much more to me however: it suggests a bond between people who’ve made a similar commitment and who therefore share a similar destiny.

Time and distance do nothing to diminish the bond we have with these kinds of friends. They are the only true friends to “Leave Footprints in Your Heart“.

Dr. Alex Lickerman, in his article, Happiness in this World, relates to us 4 items that draw people together as friends, highlighting what makes a friend worthy of the name.

My wish is that everyone has, or will experience, kenzoku at least once. You’ll know it when it happens.

For those yet to experience it, or yet to have found a soul mate, Dr. Lickerman concludes “We all tend to attract people into our lives whose character mirrors our own. You don’t have to make yourself into what you think others would find attractive. No matter what your areas of interest, others share them somewhere. Simply make yourself a big target.
Only True Friends Leave Footprints In Your Heart

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt



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