Quiet People Can Say a Lot

All of us know a quiet person, or perhaps you, yourself, are that quiet person. Hopefully you accept their choice to be quiet without question or are content with your own choice to remain silent more than others.

And if you have a silent person as a friend, you have probably discovered that quiet people… can say a lot…!

Sometimes it’s even what is not said that makes such a powerful statement.

Overall, I think it’s a positive trait – to remain mostly quiet, opening up to only the closest of friends or at an opportune moment. If you have ever sat down with a quiet person in a midnight conversation, you know already what I mean.

If you’re still in the dark and don’t understand “quiet people”,
“It’s just that sometimes quiet people really do have a lot to say…
they’re just being careful about who they open up to.”
~Susan Gale.

Quiet People Can Say a Lot

Quiet People Can Say a Lot

Then too, what might help you to discover what makes a quiet person “tick” is to return to Thoughts At Midnight often enough. Here, you’ll get to know a quiet person and what he has to say. For a quiet a person I am, in more than one way. Introvert. Soft spoken. A person with abundant midnight thoughts to share with those who care to listen!

When it comes down to it, without quiet people in your life, how would you ever get to speak your own mind!

image source: Lessons Learned in Life

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