Reflections on Our Lives

When was the last time you reflected on your life?

 Tree Reflection by Nikos Koutoulas

Tonight would be appropriate for me…

I just finished a chat on Facebook with an old friend from my high school days, and as most chats go, this one went in all directions.

One thing in particular however caused me to pause mid-thought.

Without getting into the conversation too deeply here, my friend had commented something about “when the reality of past and present merge…“, followed by:

“So many reflections seem to confuse what we are to what we were.”

I immediately threw that exact quote back at him saying that it should be on a meme and a few minutes later I had it created!

And he rejected the idea of being the noted author of the expression, choosing instead to remain anonymous but allowing me to reference “Thoughts at Midnight” on it.

Deep down though, I wish he’d take credit!

Thank you old friend… you have given me even more reason to reflect on my life tonight!

image source (CC BY 2.0): ‘Tree reflection’ by Nikos Koutoulas on Flickr
adapted for Thoughts at Midnight with the same license

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