Rethink Being Alone

You’re heard it before: “Being alone is not the same as being lonely.”

But there really are times when you want to choose to be alone.

Giving yourself time to be alone allows you to discover more things about yourself!

Take Time Alone

A photographic article on Butterbin explains why taking time to be alone will do you good:
– You become more connected to yourself;
– You begin to identify which voices to listen to and which ones to shut out;
– You learn that you need no one’s approval for you to value yourself;
– You begin to love yourself for who you really are;
– You achieve inner peace.

Personally, there are times I relish being alone to enjoy the quiet… to enjoy the surroundings without any interruptions… to sit and observe, undisturbed. Other “alone times” come along too… times to play the music I want to hear and… even times to act like a child!

Times too, to reminisce or when necessary to grieve in private.

These are not “lonely” times, they are appropriate times to be alone, to experience the self, to think, and yes, to examine those midnight thoughts, whatever they may be.

Perhaps it’s is time to rethink being alone!

source: Butterbin

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