Senses Not Required

It’s the power of imagination that allows us to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through the five senses. So, your senses are not required, but can actually be a part of what is being imagined!

From something which does not exist, the mind creates a mental scene, or perhaps an object. It may have been initiated from a past memory, or by forming a completely new idea.

On Tour of Your Imagination

Everyone possesses it, although it exists in vary degrees, to some strong, to others, weak.

Remez Sasson of Success Consciousness has plenty to say about imagination:

Imagination makes it possible to experience a whole world inside the mind.
It gives the ability to look at any situation from a different point of view, and to mentally explore the past and the future.

This ability manifests in various forms, one of which is daydreaming. Though too much idle daydreaming may make one impractical, a certain degree daydreaming, while not being engaged in something that requires attention, provides temporary happiness, calmness and relief from stress.

In your imagination, you can travel anywhere in the speed of light, without any obstacles. It can make you feel free, though temporarily, and only in the mind, from tasks, difficulties and unpleasant circumstances.

He continues, stating:
Imagination is not limited only to seeing pictures in the mind.
It includes all the five senses and the feelings. One can imagine a sound, taste, smell, a physical sensation or a feeling or emotion. For some people it is easier to see mental pictures, others find it easier to imagine a feeling, and some are more comfortable imagining the sensation of one of the five senses. Training of the imagination gives…” (read more)


source: Success Consciousness

image source (CC BY-SA 2.0): “On tour of your imagination” by Torley on Flickr

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