Some People Just Pass Through

When I found this and read it, it hit a nerve. It’s such a poignant statement…

“Not everyone will make it to your future. Some people are passing through to teach you lessons in life.”

It’s an absolute truth, much like death and taxes: some people just pass through. They are meant to do that.

They come into your life, and depart. Or you encounter them and then you depart. There isn’t necessarily any loss felt because they’re no longer in your life, but you know they were a part of your life for a reason.

To some, that person my have been a teacher, but most likely it was someone you really connected with for unknown reasons. I remember a number of people who were in my life temporarily where it was known early on that they would be just passing through. No regrets. Plenty of memories and lessons taken to heart.

It’s something to reflect upon… right along with all of the actual people that did not stay in your life, but while passing through, had a positive impact on it. The time for that reflection…? For me, it’ll be around midnight. When else…?

Some People Pass Through

image source: The End of Suffering’s Facebook page

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