Wake Up Friend

Wake up, friend…

“Midnight is another planet!
When the clock strikes twelve
and if you are asleep,
wake up, friend,
and discover the beauties of this new planet:
Discover the silence; discover the tranquility;
speak to the owls, speak to the moon;
greet the hedgehogs and disappear in the midst of the mists!”

~ Mehmet Murat ildan

Wake Up Friend

image source (CC BY 2.0): “Dark Woman” by SenoX 66 on Flickr

Invented Worlds

This image is being shown to you because it pretty much represents a midnight thought or even a dream thought.

It’s a place that exists only in your mind, thanks now, in large part, to the creative mind of Oriol Jolonch.

Invented Worlds

Oriol is an artist with a natural gift to create invented realities. This scene is just one that resulted from his imagination.

As a photographer and digital media artist, he creates an alternative view for the reality we live, often drawing the person viewing these invented worlds, as magical and surreal as they are, right into the scene.

If you find a story there to discover… and feel… Oriol would be pleased that his job was well done. I too would be pleased to know this was a good share…

and the e-morfes site where this was found has 8 more for you!

source: e-morfes

It All Begins and Ends in Your Mind

At night, wanting to sleep, a thought slips into mind. That’s where it begins.

Resistence is low, so the thought comes and goes. Mostly however, it hovers there, in the back of the mind and grows. Taking control, gaining power.

It has that sort of power that keeps sleep at bay, as if allowed.

Then, realizing that, and not wanting that, it’s the thought that is let go from the mind.

No longer in the mind… where it began…  it ended.

Powerless. Forgotten by morning.

It all begins and ends in the mind. What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it.

Trouble Is You Think You Have Time

#midnightthought — Budda. So many thoughts. So many times quoted. This single thought, however, could be the basis for an entire book: “The trouble is, you think you have time.

When you’re young, time is of little concern except for those life events such as approaching holidays, birthdays, parties, dates, and a multitude of other personally anticipated times. This quote is not about those times…

If you’re older, explaining the quote is probably not necessary.

If perhaps you’re into your senior years, you may have even used the quote, unknowingly…

If you’ve lost a loved one, explaining the quote certainly isn’t necessary.

There are a few rare individuals who realize the meaning of the quote, and actually do something before time runs out. They make the time to do what’s important. They get it done. They give a hug. They say I love you. They write that letter, or make that phone call. They visit that person who needs to see you. They realize how valuable time is.

Touble Is No Time -Budda

Make Mistakes

#midnightthought — “You are supposed to make mistakes – that’s life.”

Have you ever tried explaining this to your teacher when you failed that test? Have you ever tried explaining it your parents…? Have you ever tried explaining it to yourself, time and time again… until it makes sense?

Because, once you get out of school, move out on your own, get into relationships… you’ll learn that making mistakes is a necessary part of life. It’s when you don’t learn from your mistakes, that problems persist. It’s when you learn from your mistakes that life gets easier.

You're supposed to make mistakes

Furniture That Does Tricks?


To a cat, people are just furniture that does tricks.

Cat on Head
To a dog, people are…

well… the photo says it all.

Budda Dog

about the cat image (CC BY-SA 2.0): “Cat on Head” by Paul Stein on Flickr
“…they’ve been a team for a few years. You can find the Catman near events and popular spots in NYC.”

about the dog image (CC BY 2.0) “Buddha dog” by SuperFantastic on Flickr
“…Schmoopy doing a balancing act.”