Knocker-up Help Wanted

Knocker-up Help Wanted. Only early risers need apply.

If you don’t know what the duties of a knocker-up are, just check the image and it’s caption… it’ll become clear to you faster than you can stand up and hop on one foot.

I bet employers favored the use of a knocker-up because it eliminated the excuse of over-sleeping!

And, based on that caption, wouldn’t you bet that some knocker-up got a midnight thought that there must be a better way… and invented said alarm clock?

But hold on just a moment… someone got it wrong here… perhaps instead of saying “invented”, it should say “popular”…


Alarm clocks, in various forms have been around for a couple hundred years. And even a “small” bedside alarm clock was patented in 1876 by the Seth Thomas Clock Company. In was then that they became popular, with major US clock companies starting to make them. (source:




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Throw Me to the Wolves

Throw me to the wolves. I’ll return leading the pack…!

That’s how I posted the photo on Facebook. It would make a good motivational statement, preferably on a great wolf photograph like the one below.

But, motivational or not, there really are people out there worrying, without a doubt in my mind, over all of the creatures of this planet. And there’s two sides to be heard from too.

The image and activist article linked to here is by Living with Wolves, a non-profit dedicated to raising public awareness about wolves, their importance to ecosystems, and the threats to their survival.

They want you to speak out directly to the Animal Planet over their show, Man-eating Super Wolves, an episode from Monster Week.

I think the comment… “they’re threatening humans like never before”… is viewed as spreading a lie.

However, Dr. Marc Bekoff, a respondent to that show said, “Blood and lies should not sell.”

To fully understand the issue from Living with Wolves, read on, and feel free to express your personal views about wolves, here, and certainly via their post, which you can reach by clicking on the wolf image.

But as always, every situation can become a personal motivational one. You just have to look for the right angle.

Could it happen for you that it’s the attitude of:
Throw me to the wolves. I’ll return leading the pack…!

Throw Me to the Wolves



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Dark Thoughts vs You are What You Think

During the mid of night, dark thoughts can come to you. When they do, let them pass quickly and then stress “the best“…

When it nags you that…

“The worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could,

and it still wasn’t good enough.”

The dark parts of life that seem to happen…

to a friend, in a friend’s family, in the news…

or even closer yet to home…

need addressed. Humanly addressed. In person, by phone, or even by chat or text.

There’s an expression that goes something like this: “You are what you think.”

It shouldn’t become a battle of Dark Thoughts vs You are What You Think.

Worst Feeling



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Always Bring Your Own Toothpaste

Who hasn’t laid awake thinking about a vacation or traveling. Our last trip was a week in the car through 4 New England states – with no advance reservations. I’d do it again, but 2 or 3 weeks would be preferred, and at least a couple of reservations planned in advance. Especially around the college towns! We happen to hit the area during the annual parents visitation week! So we learned our lesson about lodging.

Lessons on Traveling

Lessons on Traveling

It’s certain that we all learn lessons while traveling, some more lasting than others. Some even worth sharing.

27 people were asked for the most important lesson they learned while traveling. They responded with a variety of answers from the fascinating, to the practical.

You’ll find in the full article such things as:

  •   “…one of the best experiences of your life.”
  •   “Always be mindful of pickpockets…”
  •   “…you never know where you’re going to meet the rest of your life.”
  •   “You can’t bring the life you’re trying to get away from with you.”
  •   “The most important trips of my life were always the one where I didn’t know quite where I was going until I got there: A METAPHOR.”

and my favorite, “Always bring your own toothpaste.

Don’t exactly know why that’s my favorite, after all, we always do bring our own! Maybe it’s just the thought of stating the obvious.

The full article is an easy read, so please click on through for all 27 “lessons”!


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Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

I promoted an event some time ago by Dr. Anna Michelle and think highly of her and her work. Naturally then, she’ll be on my mind at times.

This recent image was a bit atypical of her nature, but the take-away is…

Live Life to the Fullest!

and that fits right in to her inspirational ways.

Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

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The 60s Were Important to Me

The 60s were important to me.

I think too that this will inspire some thoughts for tonight, and many nights to come.

If you haven’t experienced this for yourself yet, it will come, welcome or not, it will come.

“In My Life – There are places I’ll remember all my life, though some have changed.

Some forever, not for better; some have gone and some remain.

All these places had their moments with lovers and friends I still can recall. 

Some are dead and some are living, in my life I’ve loved them all…”

(The Beatles)

Sometimes It’s Worth the Trip

It’s midnight. Better (although incorrectly) written as “mid-night” since it’s not 12 o’clock midnight, it is of that period in those hours called the midnight hours… Time for my first post.

To simply say “Hello World” would be appropriate enough right now, but what a sad way to start that would be! So let me tell you, this being “Thoughts at Midnight“, it’ll be difficult to predict what gets posted day-by-day, night-by-night, so, please come back often to see what is in the ol’ noggin – exposed…

Tonight, a worthy thought for my first post at Thoughts at Midnight

Sometimes, it’s worth the trip.

I’ll let the image do the rest of the talking. It’s one worth sharing!


Who Can Say Where The Road Goes

Who Can Say Where The Road Goes – Sometimes It’s Worth The Trip