The Feel of the Day at Sunrise

Are you a morning person? If so, perhaps sunrises are one of the favorite times of the day for you.

I must admit, they are different than a sunset. Even the feel of the day is fresh at sunrise. It would almost be worth it catch each day as it begins, and then catch it again as it ends.

…will have to see if we can work that into our schedule, don’t you think?

No matter where you are in the world, take in the glorious beauty of a sunrise!

This one caught my eye, resulting with me wanting to somehow, visit there tonight so I’ll be able to see this area in person, at sunrise in the coming morning light. …yeah, I know, just wishful thinking (or a midnight thought).

Oxbow Bend Wyoming Sunrise by Jeff Clow

Oxbow Bend Wyoming Sunrise by Jeff Clow

It and 20 other beautiful sunrises in different parts of the world are being shared tonight…!

source: Distractify

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