The Very Happy People

Where this article was found came as a surprise – it ‘s from Business Insider, titled “11 Characteristics Of Authentically Happy People“.

Happy Rainbow

There is one particular characteristic that surprised me as well. Contrary to the expression that “money can not buy happiness“, #10, “Happy people earn enough money to absorb unforeseen financial setbacks“, would lead us to believe it has a significant role in happiness. See what you think by reading the full description behind it.

Here’s how the article begins, before going into detail on each characteristic:

“Only a third of Americans describe themselves as “very happy.”
Perhaps that’s why there’s such a market for happiness-related wisdom: Amazon has over 64,000 books on happiness ready for your ordering.

But you don’t need to read every book to get a survey of the happiness literature. Below, we’ve combined thoughts from a few insight-packed Quora threads with the latest in psychological research.”

The list of the 11 characteristics follows, but the meat of each must be read from their article
1. Happy people savor it.
2. Happy people don’t compare themselves to others.
3. Happy people are grateful.
4. Happy people don’t rehash the past.
5. Happy people meditate.
6. Happy people find their own definitions of happiness.
7. Happy people hang with other happy people.
8. Happy people eat well.
9. Happy people are funny.
10. Happy people earn enough money to absorb unforeseen financial setbacks.
11. Happy people get enough sleep.



source: Business Insider

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