There IS a Word for That

If you’ve been here and there on the web these past couple of weeks you probably learned a new word, petrichor. It’s number 3 on this recent list of 50 words of common things with unlikely words.

Somehow I actually knew a handful of them, but I couple of new ones are easy favorites…

Grawlix, for instance, is “a series of symbols commonly used in comics or cartoons to represent curse words”.

Grawlix @#$%&

One that will get a fellow in trouble, one way or the other, sooner or later, would be to utter something about “callipygian“… but then, for the single crowd, who knows.

Philtrum I knew. Ditto for Snellen Chart. Bruxism too. It surprised me Tines was on the list.

Crapulence made me laugh! So unless you are an Agelast, you should find my post a good one to share!

That preantepenultimate one I didn’t know (didn’t know Preantepenultimate either). [you need to read the article to understand that comment]

There’s even a word for the action that’s occurring in this photo…


Yes, really, you can pretty much take for granted that there is a word for “that”!

Next step…

learn how to pronounce some of these. Well, that is, if they can even be remembered!

source: Distractify

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  1. “Steatopygic” will get you in trouble quicker than “Callipygian”!

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