Throw Me to the Wolves

Throw me to the wolves. I’ll return leading the pack…!

That’s how I posted the photo on Facebook. It would make a good motivational statement, preferably on a great wolf photograph like the one below.

But, motivational or not, there really are people out there worrying, without a doubt in my mind, over all of the creatures of this planet. And there’s two sides to be heard from too.

The image and activist article linked to here is by Living with Wolves, a non-profit dedicated to raising public awareness about wolves, their importance to ecosystems, and the threats to their survival.

They want you to speak out directly to the Animal Planet over their show, Man-eating Super Wolves, an episode from Monster Week.

I think the comment… “they’re threatening humans like never before”… is viewed as spreading a lie.

However, Dr. Marc Bekoff, a respondent to that show said, “Blood and lies should not sell.”

To fully understand the issue from Living with Wolves, read on, and feel free to express your personal views about wolves, here, and certainly via their post, which you can reach by clicking on the wolf image.

But as always, every situation can become a personal motivational one. You just have to look for the right angle.

Could it happen for you that it’s the attitude of:
Throw me to the wolves. I’ll return leading the pack…!

Throw Me to the Wolves



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