Trouble Is You Think You Have Time

#midnightthought — Budda. So many thoughts. So many times quoted. This single thought, however, could be the basis for an entire book: “The trouble is, you think you have time.

When you’re young, time is of little concern except for those life events such as approaching holidays, birthdays, parties, dates, and a multitude of other personally anticipated times. This quote is not about those times…

If you’re older, explaining the quote is probably not necessary.

If perhaps you’re into your senior years, you may have even used the quote, unknowingly…

If you’ve lost a loved one, explaining the quote certainly isn’t necessary.

There are a few rare individuals who realize the meaning of the quote, and actually do something before time runs out. They make the time to do what’s important. They get it done. They give a hug. They say I love you. They write that letter, or make that phone call. They visit that person who needs to see you. They realize how valuable time is.

Touble Is No Time -Budda

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