What a Whopper of a Lie!

There’s an event today that attracts liars. On purpose. I kid you not!

Lie, Lies, Lies

New Harmony, Indiana celebrates its annual Kunstfest the third weekend of September. The Saturday attraction includes the “always uproariously funny annual Big Whopper Liars’ Contest for tellers of tall tales!” It has been held for many years now…

“Every 3rd Saturday in September since 1988 [or 1989 depending on the source], men and women have gathered in New Harmony, IN to celebrate the tall tale. The event was started by local trickster Aubry Robison, Jr., but after his death several years ago, [Jeff] Fleming took over the helm. About fifteen contestants take the stage in front of a crowd of maybe 400. They get four minutes to spin the most incredible yarn they can come up with. A team of judges award points for exaggeration, humor, stage presence and storytelling ability. This event, which will cost contestants and spectators alike $5 to enter, is now a part of Kunstfest, a weekend-long German period festival.”

I couldn’t go for lack of original material, although what I just pulled on my wife might qualify

Somehow a cricket got into the house and my wife yells for me to come get “this” bug in the bathroom. Of course, she took her eyes off of it when she came to the stairs to see if I was on my way to save her. However, by the time we returned, the cricket was nowhere to be found.

Now, I’m not sure why that unnerved my wife so much except she does like a perfectly quiet sleeping environment. That’s understandable, right?

Her question that followed was a bit surprising however… so after she asked,

Crickets don’t bite, do they…?“, I HAD to be completely honest and reassuring by replying,

“No… but they do nibble at your eyelids.”

(When WILL I ever learn!)

BTW, the New Harmony event makes today yet another official holiday: Big Whopper Liar Day.

…honest! Cross-my-fingers-and-hope-to-die truth! Google it!

original article source: Diane Forrest via Keeping it Simple (kisbyto)

with event verified at the New Harmony site

“Lies” image courtesy f007supergirl via Photobucket

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